Platform Providers

Platform Providers

Access to 1,300 Financial Intermediaries

Your product or service can reach a broad universe of registered investment advisors and broker-dealers through strategic engagement with Pershing.

A Vast Network of Businesses

Pershing is one of the industry’s largest providers of global financial business solutions; in fact, more financial intermediaries clear with us than any other firm1. Through us, you can gain access to a diverse array of 1,300 financial businesses representing over 7 million2 active accounts, including:

  • Broker-dealers
  • Family offices
  • Fund managers
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Independent advisors
  • Investment managers
  • Multi-family offices
  • Registered investment advisory firms
  • Wealth managers
Open Architecture

55we韩国女主播免费视频Pershing has no proprietary retail products to compete with yours. We provide a neutral, open architecture platform that gives our clients unbiased access to your solutions.

A Variety of Investment Platforms

We provide our clients access to third-party investment solutions and information through a range of industry-leading platforms, including:

  • FundCenter®, a one-stop mutual fund supermarket with access to over 28,000 funds from more than 800 fund families3
  • FundVest® and FundVest 200, featuring funds with no transaction fee
  • ETF Center, providing searchable data and a seamless connection to order entry for over 2,000 ETFs and exchange-traded notes (ETNs)
  • Mutual Fund Center, providing Lipper data, profile snapshots, and a range of fund screening and comparison tools
  • Alternative Investment Solutions, offering transparent online access to a full range of alternative investments, including non-traded REITs, hedge funds, limited partnerships and private equity
Value-added Services

Through Pershing, you can gain access to a range of high-profile visibility opportunities, including INSITE, the essential event for the financial advice community. We can put you directly in front of the advisors and businesses you want to reach. Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.

1InvestmentNews, 2018, based on number of broker-dealer clients.

2 55we韩国女主播免费视频Includes brokerage-based individual and plan accounts as of December 31, 2017.

3 55we韩国女主播免费视频Access varies by broker-dealer custodian. Contact your broker-dealer custodian for additional information.

Featured Solutions and Resources

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