Alternative Investment Managers

Pershing Serves Alternative Investment Managers

Strong. Transparent. Client-Driven.

55we韩国女主播免费视频The investment landscape is changing, creating headwinds and increasing the demands on managing your business. As investors' needs become more sophisticated, and the environment becomes more complex, you need a prime services provider who can give you a competitive edge.

As an innovative collaborator, Prime Services55we韩国女主播免费视频 can provide you with solutions to implement your portfolio strategy and manage your business.

Our unique heritage combines high-touch custom service with the power of global giants—BNY Mellon and Pershing LLC. We offer financial strength and stability, transparency and a client-centered business model that puts your interests first.

Hedge Fund Managers

Thinking about your prime brokerage needs? Prime Services can make it easier to achieve your goals by providing you access to a unique collection of solutions that differentiate us among our peers. We act as your advocate across the entire BNY Mellon organization to deliver what you need: financing solutions across multiple strategies and asset classes, vast securities lending capabilities, execution services in more than 60 markets, integrated technology and exceptional client service.

Liquid Alternatives Fund Managers

Are you exploring prime brokerage and bank custody solutions for your alternative strategies? With our model, you can find everything you need in one location. Prime Services and BNY Mellon combine prime brokerage, custody and market access in one integrated platform. Our cutting edge technology, PrimeConnect40, can help you boost efficiency and streamline the operations of alternative funds. Our proven expertise and consultative approach can help you uncover your potential when it comes to launching an alternative fund. And our experienced team can help expedite time to market, provide flexible financing and securities lending to liquid alternative fund managers.

Featured Solutions and Resources

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