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From the Desk of Jim Crowley

55we韩国女主播免费视频March 25, 2020

55we韩国女主播免费视频I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I want you to know that our Pershing team, and the entire BNY Mellon enterprise, is here to help. Our focus remains on providing the best support to help you run your business more efficiently so you can serve your clients more effectively.

This week I want to bring to your attention a business imperative that we all face: to digitally transform how we work. To truly operate effectively, it’s now more important than ever that your firm adopt and utilize digital services and processes, including:

  • Moving funds efficiently and effectively into client accounts, leveraging mobile check deposit and direct deposit, instead of depositing paper checks
  • Transferring funds from client accounts, using Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Federal Funds Wires, rather than requesting paper check disbursements
  • Encouraging clients to enroll in our eDelivery solutions to receive account statements, trade confirmations and more online
  • Using our eSignature program, eliminating the need for printed documents with signatures

55we韩国女主播免费视频Your relationship manager will follow up with you this week with more details and is available to help you leverage these tools with your clients. 

In addition, our leadership team remains ready and available to help. Feel free to contact us at any time.

We realize these are difficult times for you and your clients. We are all in this together and are here to support you.

Stay well.

Important Information on Pershing's Preparedness for COVID-19

March 16, 2020

I hope this message finds you, your family, friends, and colleagues all well and safe. We are experiencing historic changes in the global environment, including dealing with a pandemic, a shock to the oil industry, and related volatility in the financial markets.

55we韩国女主播免费视频Many of you already heard from on the decisive measures we are taking as a company to ensure the stability of our business.

We are confident in our business resiliency plans, and will continue to do everything possible to ensure continuity of service and excellent support, while safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our people. Below is more information about what we are doing:

  • Offices are open and we have implemented remote working arrangements and/or split operations across our offices, which will help protect our remote employees and essential in-office staff by creating social distance.
  • Employees and clients are leveraging virtual capabilities, such as teleconferencing, and WebEx is being used more to collaborate across our locations.
  • All our corporate travel is now limited to business-critical.
  • We have asked employees, clients and vendors who have been in high-risk areas to observe appropriate quarantine periods.

So that we can be best prepared to support you, we ask that you notify your relationship manager if you move to a contingency location/situation, including any changes to processes or contacts.

We will be in touch with our clients soon with operational updates. The environment is changing quickly, so please watch for continued updates as we execute and modify our resiliency plans.

If you have any further questions, or if we can be of assistance to you as you navigate this changing environment, please contact your Pershing team. In addition to your relationship manager, our leadership team is also ready and available to help. Feel free to contact us.

Jim Crowley
CEO, BNY Mellon | Pershing

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